6 Exhibitions You Need to Visit This Weekend

Feel like you need some female empowerment this Friday? From artists breaking the mould to stories of historical activism, these exhibitions bring women into focus. Introducing the Temper Femina guide to what’s worth visiting this weekend.


Poster Girls, A Century of Art and Design @ London Transport Museum
Until 19th January 2019

poster girls
Image credit: Mary Koop, London Transport Museum

Smack in the middle of Covent Garden and housed in the old Flower Market, the London Transport Museum is criminally underrated. Its latest exhibition, Poster Girls, A Century of Art and Design, seeks to celebrate the women whose talent has for so long been anonymised.

The exhibition focuses on the commercial artwork and prints produced by women across the 20th – 21st centuries to advertise Britain’s expanding transport networks. From retro prints to avant garde artwork, Poster Girls demonstrates women’s huge contribution within the commercial sphere, as well as their widening participation within the public one. If you think trains and buses aren’t quite your thing, the posters are so #aesthetic, you won’t care that they’re advertising the tube.    

Alongside the exhibition itself, the LTM has some pretty swanky late night events later in the year. With the promise of cocktails and quizzes, their themed Friday Lates encourage you to step back into the 60s and 80s and explore the museum after dark.  

Whilst the museum itself isn’t free, exhibitions are included in the price and if you buy a ticket, you can go as much as you want during the year.


Votes for Women @ Museum of London
2nd February 2018 – 6 January 2019

Image credits: Museum of London, 1911

Offering an incredibly comprehensive programme of events and exhibitions, it’s the perfect crash course in British feminism. Alongside their displays on Votes for Women and Shades of Suffragette Militancy (launched this Tuesday), there are plenty of events going on this weekend. This includes London on Wheels, a bus tour around the city which highlights key sites and stories from the women’s suffrage movement. You get to sit down and be cultured- it’s truly the lazy woman’s guide to learning.  

Displays are free (yay). 


Tomorrow’s Nipple @ The Photographer’s Gallery
16th March – 6th May 2018

Tomorrows Nipple Press Image_1
Launched last weekend,
Tomorrow’s Nipple is a free film displayed on the Gallery’s Media Wall. Accompanied by a programme of talks, Tomorrow’s Nipple explores the relationship between technology and the policing of the female body. Even better, if you can’t quite drag yourself out of bed this weekend, the Feminist Internet’s Nipple Seminar is now online in full thanks to the Photographer’s Gallery (ft. some seriously great speakers). 

Free free free.


Outside the London Bubble

Virginia Woolf- An Exhibition Inspired by Her Writings @ Tate St Ives
Until the 29th of April 2018

A Dark Pool (oil on canvas)
Laura Knight, The Dark Pool 1908-18. Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle

Curated by Laura Smith, Art Fund’s Curator of the Month, and driven by Woolf’s writings, this exhibition features over 80 female artists who have been inspired by the writer’s creative output. From Barbara Hepworth to Vanessa Bell, it’s a demonstration of women being pretty damn rad. It’ll be transferring to Pallant House Gallery in Chichester (26th May – 16th September) and then later on in the year to the Fitzwilliam Museum in  Cambridge (2nd October – 9th December). 


Women and Power @ Across the National Trust
Throughout 2018

The National Trust have launched a year-long programme to celebrate the centenary of the Representation of the People Act. Through a variety of exhibitions, installations and live talks, the NT are exploring the women (and men) who were divided in the fight for female suffrage. They’re also looking to tell new stories of women often overshadowed. One of our favourites is ‘Beyond Ophelia’– A Celebration of Lizzie Siddal, Artist and Poet at Wightwick Manor. Elizabeth was a key figure in the Pre-Raphaelite circle. However, this exhibition looks beyond her role as Millais’ model and Dante Rosetti’s wife, exploring her own artistic contributions (for the second time only). Runs until the 24th of December 2018.  

To find out what’s going on near you, click here


Royal Women @ The Fashion Museum, Bath
3 February 2018 – 28 April 2019

Queen Alexandra‘s dress, circa 1911

Using the wardrobes of four royal women, this exhibition explores the link between public life and personal style. Through some jaw-droppingly beautiful clothes, it shows how these high-status women used their clothing choices to express individual taste and political sentiment. From Queen Alexandra’s love of chokers to Princess Margaret’ s patronage of Dior, if you’ve been binge watching the Crown, this one’s for you.

If there are any exhibitions which are currently on and you would like to recommend, please get in touch!




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