Logo Lowdown

Semper Femina [latin] :- “always a woman”

Hello! It seems that you have stumbled upon Temper Femina, a communal, online space that promotes female empowerment and some good old fashioned girl power. Our logo aims to reflect this, uniting four symbols to create a cohesive image that, however you identify, can empower you. If you’re wondering what it means, let us break it down for you…



The body in our logo is, quite clearly, naked. Why? Well, the naked body should not be sexualised. Instead, it should be revered for its artistic nature and intricate form. The body is full of wonder, not sexual desire. In today’s society, this is unbelievably important to stress.

Lotus Flower

The lotus flower that sits on the shoulders is a symbol of rebirth. The petals blossom on long stalks whilst their roots grip to the mud and murk below. We’d like to think that this reflects people’s triumph against the struggles and oppressive forces that they’ve consistently had to face. Temper Femina aims to revel in their success, just as lotus flowers are commended for rising from darkness. It’s a symbol that reflects purity of the body, mind and speech.

The Sun

In one hand, the body holds up a sun, which typically represents power. A rising sun is typically a masculine symbol, but, as I’m sure that we can all agree, women and gender nonconforming individuals are pretty strong too. The incorporation of this symbol is imperative; it reflects capability whilst depicting strength and fortitude.

The Moon

On the other hand (quite literally), the moon has always been a feminine symbol; often due to the fact that, like women, it changes in a monthly cycle. The moon has control over the tides, waters, seasons and rain, and as a result, it reflects wisdom and knowledge. It is a reflection of the soul: an all-knowing and all-encompassing symbol with the wonderful capacity to reflect and adapt (so it is not just a reflection of the sun).


But of course… this is just our perception, and the wonderful thing about art is that we all interpret things differently! So, if you decipher an alternative meaning then we would love to hear about it. Thank you for joining us on our journey towards empowerment. We hope that you get something brilliant out of Temper Femina, and if you’d like to submit a relevant article/podcast/illustration then please email us at temperfemina@gmail.com.

–  Serena Bhardwaj


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